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My wife had PCOS, and I had a low sperm count so it was quite an impossible combination to get pregnant. After three years of trying and visiting doctors and after three IVF we decided to do something about it. We were looking for a natural soultion and we were thrilled when we found FertilUpAfter 4 months my wife began to feel strange .. so we made a test. Impossible is possible! Maybe it was FertilUp, or we just released a little bit of everything. It worked! Also my wife's gynecologist could not believe it!
27 years
I started taking Fertilup for women 2 months ago. I had irregular cycle all the time so I was quite worried so I tried Fertilup. After taking it for 2 months my cycles are much more regular and I also feel better so I hope we're not going to wait for too long.
After two months of taking FertilUp for men my sperm quantity has increased from 56 to 84 million and also morphology has improved. Apparently it works!
37 years

I had irregular periods for several months. By taking FertilUp my menstrual cycle has been restored and I ovulate again. Now, we’re expecting…

31 years
After taking FetilUp for only two months, the results of my semen analysis greatly improved. My sperm count increased more than one-fold (from 30 million to 85 million). I absolutely recommend it.
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